Mr. Federico Hyams is the CEO and founder of Hyams Inc. Prior to founding Hyams Inc., Mr. Hyams was the  president and CEO of Palomar Mountain Spring Water. Before that time, he was its Chief Financial Officer.  Southern California, which claims more than 40% of the nation’s bottled water market, is also home of Hyams Inc. a growing supplier and producer of Diamondhead Mountain Spring Water an internationally certified, high quality spring water product. Our private, protected springs found high in the pristine pine covered mountain of the 420,000-acre Cleveland National Forest, serves as the single source for all water contained in every bottle of Diamondhead Mountain Spring Water. Although a majority of our product sales occur within Southern California, and the South West, our 2010 expansion has progressed internationally to countries that have tasted the Difference OUR Mountain Makes!

Per-capita consumption is up 2.6% in 2010, with every person in America now drinking an average of 28.3 gallons of bottled water last year.



"We've captured the spirit of the islands... You will love our clean, clear and refreshing taste."